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1101 "That's Nothing, But It's Something, Too," Weitz Said, Since It Serves The Diplomatic Goal Of Showing Broad Support For Afghan Stability MarcoOrozco4135027 2019.09.09 4
1100 And Afghan Soldiers Is At An All-time Low MickieHartung22 2019.09.09 4
1099 Greece Gets Caretaker PM Until June Vote QuyenJelks69576039 2019.09.09 4
1098 And When You Feel Brave, Do The Same Thing Latisha6843054662 2019.09.09 4
1097 Officials Said The Helicopter Team Was Part Of An Anti-drug Mission And The Honduran Officers On Board Fired Only After Their Aircraft Was Shot At First Katharina135834 2019.09.09 4
1096 To His Supporters And Others In The Activist Community, Chen Expressed Gratitude And Indicated That He Hoped To Return RuthieVanwagenen3 2019.09.08 5
1095 The China Used At The Gala Reportedly Dates As Far Back As 1787 ArdisDavitt233196030 2019.09.09 5
1094 But What Drew Tony Award-winning Actor Alan Cumming To The Role Wasn't That It Was Making History – But The Fact That Being Gay Wasn't The Most Important Part Of The Character KarinBirks271287 2019.09.09 5
1093 Honduran And U.S AlphonsoViz07805661 2019.09.09 5
1092 Another Historical Item, The Murat Tiara, Sold For $3.87 Million NedT17827433292427 2019.09.09 5
1091 Obama's Choice Outfit Was Consistent With Her Personal Style: Cheerful With Bold Mix-and-match Elements TylerBarge231349634 2019.09.09 5
1090 In Exchange, They Would Likely Ask For Some Of The Major International Sanctions To Be Lifted JettaQuinlan9762 2019.09.09 5
1089 What Followed Was Far More Radical: A Total Commitment To Creative Risk In The Face Not Just Of Uncertainty But Hostility MargaretteEgge13954 2019.09.09 5
1088 LONDON — Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman Has Presented Himself As A Reformer, And Under His Leadership, The Ultra-conservative Sunni Kingdom Has Granted New Rights To Women, Including The Right To Drive VaniaMendenhall01407 2019.09.09 5
1087 In Exchange, They Would Likely Ask For Some Of The Major International Sanctions To Be Lifted ChristalFrancis755 2019.09.09 5
1086 Said Tuesday That The Latest Nook Lets Readers Look Up Words, Highlight Passages, Search And Adjust Font Size By Typing On An On-screen Keyboard MargaretManzi201 2019.09.09 5
1085 Jalili Said He Recently Heard "some Remarks From Western Leaders" About Keeping Pressure On Iran And Urged Them Not To Repeat Past Mistakes In Dealings With Tehran DedraBlohm629552 2019.09.09 5
1084 JG: What Surprised You Most During The Writing Process? LM: Evel Knievel Was Not A Great Motorcycle Rider! He Was Fearless, For Sure, But He Wasn't A Great Rider PenniGiffen42926430 2019.09.09 5
1083 5 Egyptian Cops Sentenced For Killing Protesters CaitlinSaucedo532518 2019.09.09 5
1082 The Bombing Also Follows A Number Of Attacks Against Italian Officials And Government Buildings By A Group Of Anarchists, Which Prompted Authorities To Assign Bodyguards For 550 Individuals And Deploy 16,000 Law Enforcement Officers Nationwide MarjorieTodd1442 2019.09.09 5
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