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(CBS News) At a NATO summit, President Barack Obama and other world leaders Monday affirmed plans to gradually withdraw foreign forces from Afghanistan, handing over security responsibility to Afghan troops next year.

44565862321_47b7d3ec44_b.jpgThe agreement comes as the relationship between U.S. and 슬롯 카지노 Afghan soldiers is at an all-time low. The coalition began a study of afghan attacks on U.S. allies after six American soldiers were killed during a joint patrol in 2010.

>The report was finished last year, but was quickly classified. CBS News correspondent Allen Pizzey, reporting from Kabul, has some details of what it says.

>The murder of U.S. troops by Afghan soldiers they train and fight with is "a growing systemic threat" according to a coalition report issued last May. Since then, the number if attacks has increased.

>At least 55 American troops have been killed since July 2010. More than 75 percent of the incidents happened in the last two years.

>The bloodshed threatens to fracture trust between the forces and the new Afghan army -- a key element of the plan to withdraw in 2014.

>Brigadier General Karsten Jacobsen is the spokesman for coalition forces -- also known as the ISAF forces -- in Afghanistan.

>"The vast majority of the cases where we have found reasons are coming from individual challenges --that is battle stress, battle fatigue, that is people who are, who are under strong emotional influences," Jacobsen said.

>But the report concluded the killings were triggered by cultural misunderstandings and insults. Interviews with hundreds of U.S. and Afghan troops revealed a deep-seated contempt on both sides.

>Growing threat of attacks by Afghan allies Corruption is Afghanistan's biggest problem as foreign forces prepare to leaveWatch: NATO leaders discuss Afghanistan exit strategy

>Americans complained the Afghans were undisciplined in combat, thieves and drug-users. Among the comments: "They are stoned all the time; some even while on patrol with us" and "They are pretty much gutless in combat. ... We do most of the fighting"

>Afghans interviewed for the report were equally scathing, describing American troops as bullying and disrespectful. The most frequent complaints: "U.S. soldiers don't listen; they are too arrogant" and "They get upset due to their casualties, so they take it out on civilians during searches."

>The worst point of friction -- night raids on homes -- has been fixed. They are now only conducted by Afghan forces.

>Nonetheless, American troops in joint bases with Afghans sleep with what they call "a guardian angel," one man awake and armed.

>Even at training centers, no one relaxes their guard, according to First Lieutenant Cory Scanlon.

>"You can't be too critical or else they'll get upset, because there's a lot of honor at stake," Scanlon said. "So sometimes you have to be careful with how you address people."

>The seriousness of that is summed up by an Afghan proverb -- "Life over wealth, honor over life" -- which goes some way to underline that what might be consider merely offensive behavior in Western culture can be mortal in Afghanistan.

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