Is Something Unprecedented," Habib Told Reporters At A News Conference

by WinifredBreillat posted Sep 09, 2019


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크게 작게 위로 아래로 댓글로 가기 인쇄 수정 삭제
ROME (AP) - Salvage experts plan to use water-filled cisterns to weigh down the above-sea side of the cruise liner capsized off the Italian coast - part of an effort to turn the massive vessel upright so that it can towed for demolition early next year. One official on Friday called the operation's magnitude "unprecedented."

The Costa Concordia, 배터리바둑이게임 which was carrying some 4,200 people, struck a jagged reef the night of Jan. 13 when it veered too close to the coast of tiny Giglio island. Gashed on one side, the ship began listing badly and eventually came to rest on its side on the rocky seabed just off the Tuscan shore. The accident killed 32 people.

Costa Concordia to be salvaged in 1 piece


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