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"My Dad Grew Them

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(CBS/AP) Fergie's life just got a little more glamorous - in undertones of tuberose and leather - with her win of a FiFi award from the perfume industry for her scent Outspoken.

home []Pictures: The Black Eyed PeasPictures: FiFi Awards CeremonyPictures: Star's fragrances

The Fragrance Foundation presented the Black Eyed Peas singer with the honor - celebrity fragrance of the year -  Wednesday nigh at a splashy Lincoln Center ceremony.

Outspoken is Avon's most successful fragrance launch to date.

But in a  phone interview ,  Fergie said  the prize, along with the yellow BCBG Max Azria gown she wore to pick it up and all the other trappings of fame are just icing,  now that she's realized her biggest aspiration - her success as a solo artist.

"Never in my wildest dreams did I think all this would happen," she said. "My goal was a solo album. It was my dream since I was a little girl, and I went down many roads to get there."

Fergie, 36, said she enjoys all the glitz, glamour and wardrobing, especially playing around with beauty products to create different looks. At home, though, she tones it down - a lot - and usually doesn't wear any makeup at all.

Perfume is different. She's always been a fragrance fan, 홀덤게임 she said, wearing for a period as a teenager the men's cologne Drakkar Noir because it reminded her of an old boyfriend, and Dior's Poison because she linked it to lyrics of a favorite song.

>Outspoken is a floral with notes of iced berry, tuberose and a base of leather. A second perfume Fergie has created, Outspoken Intense, will be available in October. One of the key scent notes is kumquat. One whiff and she's transported to her backyard growing up in Southern California, she said.

>"My dad grew them. He taught me how to peel them. They're very, very small."

>Fergie plans to use her new role in the beauty industry to ask questions of other designers, perfumers and celebrities. "I'd love to know what all their inspirations are."

>Oscar winner Halle Berry and Mary J. Blige were among the other Fifi winners.

>"The celebrity category in fragrance is no longer an `add on' as it was once considered, never knowing if it would last or not. Today, it is a major segment of fragrance marketing and our hope is that the celebrities, who chose to have a fragrance or endorse one, take it as seriously as their latest album, film or book by supporting it in the same way," said the group's president, Rochelle Bloom.

>Hall of Fame nods went to Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey and  Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male for men.  Bombshell by Victoria's Secret and  Bath & Body Works Twilight Woods received consumer choice awards.

>Berry was named the top fragrance celebrity for her work in promoting and embracing the "world of fragrance over a period of time," according to the Fragrance Foundation.

>Mary J. Blige and the cosmetics company Carol's Daughter were honored for their direct-to-consumer approach.

>The following were named fragrances of the year in their respective distribution categories: VS Bombshell and Banana Republic/Republic of Men (specialty brand); Halle by Halle Berry Pure Orchid and Herve Leger Homme (broad appeal); Gucci Guilty and Blue de Chanel (luxe); and Balenciaga Paris and Tom Ford Azure Lime for Men (specialty luxe).

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