Buy / Customize Tronair Hydraulic Power Units

by ClementNyholm749 posted Sep 19, 2019


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If Seller confirms that the property does not conform to the description, Seller will keep the property and refund any money paid. Any claim for inaccurate description must be made prior to removal of the property. Under no circumstances will ISU Surplus assume responsibility for packing, loading, shipping, or lining up transportation of property. Payment must be mailed to: Iowa State University ISU Surplus Attn: Mark Ludwig 195 General Services Building 700 Wallace Road Ames, Iowa 50011 See Terms and Conditions for any additional payment instructions. REMOVAL: All items must be removed within 15 calendar days from the time and date of issuance of the Buyer’s Certificate. 10.00 may be charged for any item not removed within the 15 calendar days allowed and stated on the Buyer’s Certificate. If you have a unit that needs to have the voltage changed, there are instructions along with some parts that may need to be replaced. This type of movement may occur when raising the aircraft in order to change a wheel that has deflated. Tronair’s broad and innovative product line of GSE, comprised of over 1,500 SKUs, is used by over 300 unique aircraft platforms.

We have been servicing aircraft jacks for over 20 years with quality results from repeat business and satisfied customers. Axle jacks are placed directly on or under aircraft landing gear. Axle aircraft jacks are used for aircraft maintenance involving tire repair and replacement, brake service repair and other maintenance procedures when lifting the nose and/or main landing gear is necessary. Be sure to follow the aircraft manufacturer’s recommended procedures. Prior to using any type of aircraft jack, you’ll need to fully inspect it. Note: Please inspect items prior to placing a bid. Aircraft jacks should be run fully up and down prior to using them on an aircraft. This type of jack is typically reserved for raising the nose, wing or tail of an aircraft and is used by manually operating the hydraulic pump to raise the cylinder and ram. We then open up the jack lift and pump to further get into the nitty-gritty about what might be wrong.

We supply Used & Certified Rebuilt TronAir Hydraulic Power Unit's ( TronAir Hpu- TronAir Mules at 45% lessor then average cost of new. I would like to have one hydraulic power unit power 2 aircraft models that we operate. The best filtration in the industry for clean, pressurized fluid for your aircraft. The avionics industry is by far one of the most important when it comes to calibration and testing. Two of the most common types of aircraft jacks used in the industry are axle jacks and tripod jacks. When we've made sure that your Tronair aircraft jacks function properly, we can even strip, prime, and repaint them for you if you would like that truly brand-new look. The threaded rams of all 5 thru 30 ton tripod jacks are equipped with hand wheel safety nuts. When used in sufficient numbers and placed at the required jacking points, tripod jacks are actually able to lift the entire aircraft off the deck.

A tripod jack is also a portable, self-contained hydraulic jack. After we discover the problem, our experts completely recondition the jack to return it to a functional, safe state. Iowa State University makes NO WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AND EXPRESSLY EXCLUDES ALL WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE concerning the asset and the successful bidder assumes all risks associated with ownership and use of the asset. Quick Disconnects are available as an option for each particular aircraft (if needed). Customizable HPUs for your specific aircraft with a wide range of options. Tronair recently changed their part numbers on all their HPUs to a new numbering system. We receive numerous requests for used along with new Tronair part numbers on HPUs and their respective identification. Out Tronair Training Providers have undergone hands-on training and certification by Tronair. For MROs and FBOs interested in Tronair GSE maintenance education, we can provide on-site training.

Tronair recommends maintenance and troubleshooting to be performed by a skilled and trained technician. INTRODUCTION Keeping track of Tronair HPU maintenance can be difficult, especially when you consider different maintenance intervals for each part. Whether your business needs hydraulic power solutions for commercial, regional, or business aircraft use, Tronair has an HPU that will increase aircraft component life and reduce filter change frequency. Finally, to make sure that our work is done, we test the the Tronair aircraft jack once again under loads which you request. The Tronair Hydraulic Power Unit is being sold "AS-IS". From hydraulic fluid testing to coupling hose adaptors and turbines, look no further for state-of-the-art hydraulic power units and related GSE. The results of inadequate Tronair aircraft jack testing can reduce the the life of the jack and very possibly the life of the aircraft(s) you’re maintaining. When contacting us for a quote request, please include the aircraft you will be using the HPU on and input voltage in volts and HZ (50 hz or 60 hz).


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