Both The French And The Germans Have Also Withdrawn Their Civilian Advisors From Afghan Government Institutions In The Wake Of The Latest Unrest

by NNUGeorgiana382414 posted Sep 19, 2019


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(TomDispatch) Is it all over but the (anti-American) shouting -- and the killing? Are the exits finally coming into view?

soup 2015 s/s ad campagin with 812161 <strong>49<\/strong>.Sometimes, in a moment, the fog lifts, the clouds shift, and you can finally see the landscape ahead with startling clarity. In Afghanistan, Washington may be reaching that moment in a state of panic, horror, and confusion. Even as an anxious U.S. commander withdrew American and NATO advisors from Afghan ministries around Kabul last weekend -- approximately 300, 마산출장샵 military spokesman James Williams tells TomDispatch -- the ability of American soldiers to remain on giant fortified bases eating pizza and fried chicken into the distant future is not in doubt.


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